SLAM Magazine: Dreams do come true

by Scott Gleeson on January 8th, 2012

I remember reading SLAM Magazine religously back in grade school. My cousin Zach got me hooked. I was already in love with basketball, but that was when I first started reading a lot on hoops. I loved everything about the mag: the language, the style, the hip hop culture. I still have SLAM posters on my wall. Other kids would go to Sports Illustrated or NBA Inside Stuff to get their hoops fix. I was all about SLAM. They made it easy when my favorite players growing up, Allen Iverson and Jason Williams, were poster childs for their street style.

In high school, I made my own basketball magazine/newspaper called "Baller." It was replicated off of SLAM. My circulation was the 50 people or so I sent it to, all friends, family and community members. I'd write about high school, college and pro hoops. Shit was printed off on white paper, stapled. It ended up costing me a ton to print and I handed 'em out for free...because I loved to write. That continued in college with various newspapers and now...

It's all starting to pay off. Through a colleague of a friend, I was put in touch a SLAM writer, who referred me to a SLAM editor and like that, I was pitching freelance story ideas for the magazine I grew up reading. Surreal is the proper adjective. I write several online stories a month now and had my first story published in the mag (Issue 157 on Creighton). I tell some people ecstatically about my bylines in SLAM and they reply with "ssswhat?" I get it, it's a basketball magazine. But for me it's sort of coming full circle. I told my dad when I was young that I'd write for SLAM some day. He gave me the same "chase your dreams but don't let go of reality" look that he had when I told him I would play in the NBA some day. (That goal came up just short when I didn't make the walk-on tryouts at Illinois State. Bullshit Tim Jankovich). 

Here are the bylines:

D-Leaguer Osiris Eldridge Has His Eye on the Prize

Illinois Boy 

Hoyas Overcoming Adversity

Murray State Off to the Races

Paul Hewitt Has George Mason Atop CAA

Maryland Women Back to Title Form 

Through the 'Valley' of the Shadow of Depth

Rose Strikes Back With Vengeance

The Odd Couple

VCU Enters March with Deja Vu

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